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on congress to take the money we are no longer spending on more and use it to do some nation- building here at home. there are hundreds of thousands of construction workers ready to do it. the same thing is true for students. the bill i am about to sign it is vital for many students and their families, but it is not to just keep student loan rates from doubling. i been asking congress to help us 50 million americans the opportunity to learn the skills that businesses are looking for right now. in america, higher education cannot be a luxury for just a few privileged people. it is an economic necessity. i want to thank every american who took the time to sit down and write a letter or type of e- mail or make a phone call or send a tweet. i promise you, your voice made all the difference. as long as i've the privilege of as long as i've the privilege of being
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1